Writing Down the Right Stuff

I love to read self help books. It’s a passion that I used to be ashamed to admit- but now I embrace it about myself. I love learning new ways to improve everything about myself and self help books often have helpful nuggets of advice that speak to me.

This month, I’m reading a few books with the theme of marriage. One of the tips I read about that really stood out to me was writing down not only what you currently do but what you want to do, side by side everyday. I know most of us who have been on a journey toward better health have heard about writing down what foods we eat each day. This practice is vital to weight loss and weight maintenance. But, what if, instead of just writing down what you DID eat, you wrote down what you planned to eat, too?

What I love about this idea is that it doesn’t just apply to eating. It also applies to other things as well. Struggling with time or money management? Write down a time or money budget- and then track what you actually spend.

I also want to try this technique in my marriage. I want to start writing down a plan for ways I can better support my husband, Lucas. It may sound too structured, too planned, too unromantic- but the fact is, it’s important to sit down and be intentional about the ways I am loving him. The best way to do this is to have an actual plan, a contract with myself, in writing. Try it. You might just be surprised at what you find about what you want versus what you’re actually doing. And seeing your dreams written down can help you accomplish them, whether it’s your relationship or your eating habits that could use a boost.