Taking the First Step

I’ve heard that taking the first step is easy but I’m not so sure I agree. It takes a lot of courage to take the first step or for some – the plunge into something unknown. I always think about my clients – what got them to my door? For some it was easy, exercise was a part of their life long before they met me. And for others, I know it took a lot of courage.

Why did they finally email or call me? Did a loved one suffer heart attack, a stroke or did they die? Is that what it took – a brush with mortality? Maybe they looked, long and hard, into a mirror as they tugged their jeans on and struggled to button them up. Or looked at the dinner in front of them and thought – this can’t be good.

But they did. They decided, in that moment, to call or email, words tumbling over words as they explain why they want help. Why they need help. Why they want and need to change. That’s the first step – realizing you need help or to be pushed in the right direction.

The second step is getting help – now, that is a hard step. But you are moving forward, closer to a goal in your mind. The third step is doing it. Actually doing it. Sweating and pulling and pushing. Stepping and lifting and setting things down. Moving when you haven’t moved in forever. Feeling sore muscles but working through it for a better tomorrow and a better life.

And then there are all the steps that follow those first steps. Sometimes you step backwards only to go forward again. Maybe you go in circles for a bit before righting your path. But there you go, forward, towards your goals. Towards better.

Take that step. I know you have courage.