Spring is Here

Are you emerging from your cocoon? Spring is right around the corner and I can feel it in my bones. Can you feel that new energy start to flow in? Especially coming off of a tough winter season, it really is time for a fresh start. As April nears, this is an opportunity to reflect on your yearly goals. Where are you right now? Are you on track? A little behind or a little ahead? Are there any adjustments you need to make to reach your goals?

As you may already know physical fitness and our overall health play a key role in our success. Being strong and healthy is a great feeling and can propel you forward - sometimes up and beyond what you thought yourself capable of. 6 months ago I was a wreck and unable to sustain a regular workout program which took its toll. Not only did I lose energy and focus, I was also unhappy and prone to the grumps. 6 weeks ago I had surgery and am happy to report that I am feeling better than ever. And I am thankful for the fitness I did have. Having a great foundation and an appropriate weight for my body type had a huge impact on my recovery. If I didn't have my fitness and strength then who knows how my recovery would have been effected.

My recovery is nearly complete, I am emerging from my cocoon and I am really excited for spring. I am ready to start working out and to start training for my next half marathon. I am thinking about my goals, making adjustments and putting the next steps together. If you need to reboot or take your next step join me in moving forward. There are many great events, large and small to take part in. Join a group of like minded people for motivation, consistency, and success. Or do something for yourself, something that makes you feel vibrant and alive. You deserve a healthy, happy life and your fitness is a key to living it.