Live Your Passion

Like millions of people around the world, I have been watching the summer Olympics as much as possible. I love the passion, the energy, and the excitement created by the games. The competition is fierce and the competitors are doing everything they can to win.

Every athlete works his or her tail off to be the very best. Some have a little more talent and make the best use of their gifts. The bottom line is โ€“ they all work hard, everyday to be the very best, to compete at world class levels. I often tell my clients to be 1% better everyday. Just 1% because over time it adds up and then you are two, three, four times better than you were. If your mindset is to be world class at anything you do, then you can achieve that.

Have you heard about Kieran Behan? This guy is world class. No, he is not the greatest Olympic gymnast in the world but he is passionate and driven. When he was younger, he suffered a series of injuries so severe that he was told he would never walk again. Then botched leg operation caused nerve damage and a hard fall caused brain injury. This kept him from doing even the simplest things, like sitting or eating.

He suffered and he struggled but his dream was to be an Olympic gymnast. His passion fueled him and eventually he recovered from his injuries. As he trained and self-financed his dream through bake sales and carwashes, he fractured a wrist, broke an arm and suffered a torn ACL.

Kieran persevered. He is passionate and lives his passion daily. Despite the setbacks, in 2011, he won three World Cup medals, including Irelandโ€™s first World Cup gold medal. He is the first Irish gymnast to make it to the Olympics (on his own talent, not a wildcard entry) and he is playing at world class levels.

Kieran knows that winning a medal is a longshot but his story will inspire others to overcome difficulties and to live with passion. That is worth a gold medal.