Facing Injuries and Other Setbacks

Last fall, I had a debilitating injury, that left me literally lying flat on my back.

I had been working out pretty regularly, eating healthily, and was on a roll! But, my injury forced me to take a major step back. I was unable to work out for a solid month and once I was able to work out, I wasn’t able to push forward at full speed. It was extremely frustrating. As time went on, and my frustrations grew- I stopped doing all I could be doing to take care of myself while my injury healed, because I was feeling frustrated and unmotivated. But injuries and illnesses don’t have to set us back long term- if we know how to stay motivated and what to do to get back on track as quickly as possible. Here are four tips for keeping the ball rolling, even when things seem to have to an unexpected screeching halt:

Be proactive.
If you know you are prone to a certain type of injury, work with a physical therapist, with your doctor, and with your trainer to develop a fitness routine that will work on strengthening your body in just the right way to avoid future injury. Know your body and communicate openly with your physician and your trainer.

If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.
A good doctor and a good trainer will understand and make adjustments as necessary if you’ve been open along the way about your body and it’s limitations. That way, you can push yourself without pushing yourself over the edge.

Get the right gear.
Many injuries can be prevented just by using the appropriate equipment. Protective equipment, good shoes, and a supportive bra all make a difference. You’ll feel more comfortable when you work out, and you’ll be less injury prone.

Keep up your other healthy habits.
When you’re body is recovering from an injury, take all the necessary steps to heal. Take the appropriate medications, ice your injury consistently, get enough rest, and continue to eat right! That way, you won’t have completely let yourself go when you’ve healed and it will be easier to get back in the game.

Injuries and illnesses are something that all of us deal with at some point, but don’t let that injury be a greater impact on your overall health than it has to be. With careful thought, and with great advocates on your health care team (like a great doctor and an amazing trainer) you can face injuries head on and be back to your regular fitness routine in no time.