A Fresh Look

I have officially launched my new website with a new logo and a couple of new programs.

It's always fun and sometimes a little crazy to start something new, to remake yourself and yet that's what I do everyday. Except I am usually helping someone, like you, remake themselves. I help people lose weight, become stronger and change their bodies. I also help people feel more confident, less stressed and in general - just feel better about themselves. I take people to new places within themselves by helping them achieve their goals.

I am really excited to do this fresh, new thing for myself and my clients. I am excited to see what happens this year. The way I see it, 2011 has just begun and I've got goals. Goals with a capital G! I have been working on a few different programs, some you've seen before and one brand, spanking new program.

Running Group starts the 22nd of March - that's a Tuesday. Put it in your calendar. I'm also kicking off my Rock/Roll/Run Half Marathon training program. Time to stop thinking about doing this great event and just do it!

March 14th kicks off the 10 Pound Weight Loss Challenge. I'm taking sign ups right now and if you are wavering then check out the testimonials on the 10 Pound page. Good stuff. Women, just like you, took the challenge and it changed lives.

My newest program is the Corporate Fitness Challenge. Inspire your co-workers to lead a healthier lifestyle. Interested? I can give a free presentation at your work. Got a brown bag lunch? Invite me to speak. Complete information can be found on the Corporate Fitness page.