6 Tips for Staying Motivated


January, the month of setting goals for positive change, is over. Now it is time to make those changes into part of your everyday life style. Hopefully you are making time to work out and eat better, now you just need to stay motivated to keep obtaining your goals. Here are six tips to help you stay motivated.

  1. Have your goals where you can see them. Last month you wrote them down, now put them where you will see them every day. Looking at them will remind you to stay on track.
  2. Schedule all your workouts in advance. Get out your calendar and find all the times that you will get your workouts in. Once it is written down, the time has been made - you have no excuse.
  3. Keep it fun. Do workouts that you enjoy. Go to group classes, they are a great way to stay motivated, you know there will always be someone there to push and encourage you to work harder.
  4. Use the buddy system. When you set up your weekly workouts try to schedule one or two with a friend. The two of you could benefit from a little healthy competition.
  5. Reward yourself. Start with small internal rewards. After each workout take some time to be proud of yourself for what you’ve accomplished. Also have a large reward to look forward to, such as a new workout shirt or new workout music.
  6. Keep an exercise journal. After each workout log what you did, how it felt and how you feel afterwards. It is helpful to reflect on how the exercise is benefiting your life. Write down the positive changes you are experiencing.