5 Reasons Why Guys Need a Personal Trainer

By Blake Madden

You hit the gym regularly. You get in a good run or a pickup basketball game when you can. But looking in the mirror gives you a sense that something is missing from your workout routine. Your fitness has plateaued, and with no change in your regular gym routine, it’s tough to motivate yourself to even keep it at that level. If you’re serious about being in the best shape you can be, while also getting the most bang for your workout buck, then a personal trainer might be what you need. Here are 5 reasons why guys can benefit from personal training.

1. Look Past Mirror Muscles. Guys spend a lot of their gym time working on ‘mirror muscles’- glamour areas like the chest, arms, and stomach. While this will help you look good at the beach, in a photo shoot for a calendar, or when you try out for the professional arm-wrestling tour, there’s more to being in great shape than just being “ripped”. Being in great shape means that all the muscles in your body work together in harmony and balance, and that no one set of muscles is neglected in favor of another. A personal trainer can bring a fresh perspective to your body and your workout routine, helping you identify which areas you’ve given a bit too much focus to, and which ones need to catch up. Working out muscles you didn’t know you had may give you strength you never knew you was possible.

2. Cut the fat… from your workout routine.  You want to hit the gym for a quick half-hour after work. You slip out of the office five minutes early to get a head start, but while you’re at the gym, you get distracted by the score of the Monday Night game on television and the cute girl on the treadmill next to you, and before you know it you’ve been there forty minutes, but only gotten through half of your routine – the same couple of exercises you always do. Staying focused and motivated is hard. If it weren’t, we’d all be millionaires and Olympians. A personal trainer is there to keep you motivated to stay on track toward your fitness goals, whether it’s in the form of a few helpful pointers, some positive words of encouragement, or a swift (figurative) kick in the rear. You’ve hired this person to do one job: help you get into the best shape of your life by maximizing your exercise results. So even if you get distracted or lax with your routine, your trainer won’t. They will help you keep your routine fresh and diverse, keep your focus always on the task at hand, and make sure you don’t take just a little too long in between sets.

3. Weekend Warriors need combat training. Your pro career may have passed you by, but you can still employ the same exercises and conditioning your favorite athletes have utilized to become the physical specimens they are. Strengthening your core muscles while increasing your stamina and endurance will not only improve your performance when you get on the field or the court, but it will also keep you there, helping to prevent serious injury and extending your playing career. Plus, once you start dominating your weekend rec games, you’ll earn clever nicknames for your exploits.

4. Get an extra set of eyes on your nutrition. You can’t eat like you used to in high school and college anymore. Well maybe you can, but with a slower metabolism, those love handles can turn into spare tires fast. You can scour the internet and magazines for information on the latest diet craze, or a personal trainer can give you a few simple and easy tips for getting better nutrition without a complete diet makeover. If your diet is a complete train wreck then you should consider working closely with a registered dietician who can ensure that the nutrition plan you come up with will be specifically geared to your body and your daily routine… and that you’ll follow through with what you agree on.

5. Form a partnership. Road trips. Going to the movies. Card games. Some things are just better with company. While your personal trainer may not be your best friend (sometimes you might even think they’re your worst enemy), putting your heads and your efforts together will ensure you get maximum results in a minimal amount of time. Feel like skipping a day at the gym? Nice try- your trainer is waiting for you. Having trouble mustering your usual gusto for a workout? Your trainer will be there to push you through the rough spots.  Together, you will form a kick-ass team with a singular focus: pushing your health and fitness to its highest heights. Can you do it alone? Maybe. Will it be easier with a partner in crime? Definitely.

Sadly, the fun and sun of summer have come and gone. But while everyone else gets ready to hibernate for the winter, you can be working towards a better body, better fitness, and a better overall you. Joining Soma Training's Men's Fitness program will not only help you find your own personal path to excellent health, fitness, and well-being, but it will make sure you stay on that path, turning bad workout and nutrition habits into good ones. Start today and take control of your fitness!