4 Easy Fall Fitness Ideas

Summer is nearly over and with fall on the way, this is a great time to get your fitness back on track! The kids are back in school and hopefully you have wrapped up your summer vacation, the big reunion, and hit a wedding or two along the way. Sometimes life gets in the way of a regular workout and it can be hard to get back into a solid routine. Here are 4 easy ideas that will help you find your way back to a regular fitness program.

  1. Make a commitment to getting back into shape and hold yourself accountable. Once you mentally commit to your fitness, take out your calendar and write down the days and times you will work out. Don’t over commit! Make sure that your plan is realistic and don’t get tied into thinking you have to work out for a full hour. There may be days when you can only get in 20 or 30 minutes and that is ok. You might have to split your day up with a short run in the morning and a quick body weight routine at night. Whatever you can do - remember it is better than nothing.
  2. Find the right workout for you. It is important that you do something that you like or love to do. Choosing the right program will keep you motivated and inspired. If you get bored doing one thing make sure to mix it up throughout the week. Try a new class, meet friends or try a new activity.
  3. Eat healthier. Making better choices at mealtime can go a long way to improving your health. Start small – like having a good breakfast everyday- think oatmeal, eggs, yogurt, fruit and just say no to baked goods at the coffee shop or heavy and greasy foods. In fact, I know a guy who doesn’t like typical breakfast food so he eats a big salad instead. Make sure to have an afternoon snack such as nuts, a boiled egg, a Zing or Lara bar, or fresh veggies. This will prevent that afternoon low – where you almost fall asleep at work or feel like you should have a Venti latte with a candy bar. Have a small, satisfying lunch and dinner that has more vegetables than protein. Limit your alcohol to one drink or better yet, drink water with every meal. Most importantly try to stay away from highly processed foods. The more you cook at home the better you will feel.
  4. Reward yourself. Take time to savor your achievements – take a mini-vacation to a spa or get a new pair of smaller jeans when you hit your marks. Treat yourself a box seats at the game instead of the nosebleed section. Find something that will motivate you to work hard and when you hit your goal reward yourself. Then do it again!